Cats get arthritis too – managing a hidden problem!

Cats get arthritis too – managing a hidden problem!

Osteoarthritis is a painful degenerative disease of the joints that is common in both humans and pet animals. The consequences of this disease for the affected pet are reduced joint mobility and pain resulting in lameness or stiffness which can lead to a very much reduced quality of life. It is therefore an important disease to both identify and manage effectively.

Joint disease is thought to affect up to 20% of the dog population with around 95% of affected individuals being over 5 years of age. The number of affected cats is more difficult to assess as they exhibit more subtle signs .In one study of cats over 12 tyears of age  95% of cats showed x-ray evidence of joint degeneration, suggesting that the number of affected cats appears to be higher than commonly accepted.

So how would you know if your cat might be affected? There may be obvious signs such as lameness and limping but signs can also be non-specific.  Watch out for reluctance or reduced ability to jump, decreased jumping height, a stiffness in the gait, changes in activity levels, changes in personality, reduced appetite or even a reduction in grooming habits. Your pet’s annual health check and booster is an ideal time to discuss with us if you are worried that your cat may be showing some of these signs and discuss whether he or she would benefit from any additional management steps to put the spring back into their step.

Management options for cats with reduced joint health need to be tailored to the individual but effective steps may include one or more of the following:

  • anti-inflammatories,
  • weight management,
  • environmental modification,
  • modified exercise,
  • physiotherapy,
  • joint support supplements.


So what are joint supplements?

Joint supplements are not drugs but food supplements (also known as nutriceuticals) which are commonly recommended as an aid to supporting joint health. Typically they contain substances that are useful in supporting health of the cartilage and surrounding structures. These supplements often include ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, levels of which are often found to be lower in a joint that has reduced health. The potential support that a good quality supplement can give to joint health makes them an ideal addition to any joint management program.

Cosequin Cat is a palatable formulation designed specifically for cats. The palatable sprinkle capsules provide an easy method of administration to cats without fuss and can be used long term as part of a joint management program. Cosequin is the World & European number 1 range for joint support in cats, dogs and horses.

Why choose Cosequin over other supplements for your arthritic pet?


Not all joint supplements are the same, Cosequin contains the unique patented ingredients Chondroitin Sulphate ‘TRH122®’, Glucosamine Hydrochloride ‘FCHG49®’ and Manganese to provide beneficial synergy. Most trials conducted on this type of joint supplement have used the specific formulation of Cosequin in their method. With over 50 published papers behind Cosequin and manufacture to pharmaceutical standards, no other animal joint health support product has this amount or quality of research and the brand is a clear first choice when choosing a joint supplement to use in your arthritic pet.

What else can be done to help support joint health?

If you have a cat with suspected joint disease there are a number of simple but helpful steps you can take to help. These include placing food and water bowls in easy to reach locations, locating bedding and rest areas out of draughts where the cat can easily gain access. Gentle grooming may also help your cat to feel brighter if he is unable to do it himself. If you think that your cat may be showing signs of joint disease of have any questions about using Cosequin Cat in your cat please do not hesitate to contact us here at the surgery.


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