Pet Topics Blog

Pet Topics Blog

Giving pet rabbits the protection they deserve

For many people who enjoy the countryside, the sight of dead and dying wild rabbits with the disease is a familiar sight particularly in the warmer weather of Summer and Autumn each year. Whilst most people associate the disease with wild rabbits, the large spillover...

Caring for the cherished older dog

The older pet population in the UK is increasing all the time. With the advances in veterinary medicine that are now available, the increased focus on preventative healthcare (such as vaccines and dental care) and the fact that our pets are cherished members of the...

Worms and your dog: out of sight and out of mind?

Worm infestation is a common but often unseen and easily overlooked problem in dogs. It is easy to forget that parasitic worms can cause significant disease in animals and sometimes in people. Over 10 types of parasitic worm are able to infect dogs in the UK and most...

Cats get arthritis too – managing a hidden problem!

Osteoarthritis is a painful degenerative disease of the joints that is common in both humans and pet animals. The consequences of this disease for the affected pet are reduced joint mobility and pain resulting in lameness or stiffness which can lead to a very much...

Understanding Pet Vaccination

The saying, “prevention is better than cure” is very appropriate for many of the diseases we vaccinate animals against since only very few are specifically treatable and many can prove fatal. In principle vaccination stimulates natural immunity and works by giving the...

Otitis Externa

Ear disease or Otitis Externa means inflammation of the external ear canal. It is a very common condition in dogs and cats and is a complex disease which is often due to a number of causes. Unfortunately our pets can’t tell us when they have a problem, so it is the...

Misconceptions Surround Kennel Cough

Kennel cough or infectious tracheobronchitis to give it its more correct title may be a relatively well known disease- with the distressing paroxysms of coughing that can persist for weeks it is perhaps not surprising that around 84% of dog owners are aware of the...

Holidays can be stressful for pets!

As holiday time approaches, many pet owners spend as much time thinking about how their pets will cope while they are away as choosing a destination! Holidays can be stressful for pets – a stay in a kennel or cattery, a new housesitter or a changed routine can all be...


Ear disease or Otitis Externa means inflammation of the outer part of the ear passage (also known as the external ear canal). It is a very common condition and particularly so in dogs. However it is a complex disease which is often due to a number of triggers....

Diabetes – could your pet be at risk?

Is your dog or cat excessively thirsty or do they need to urinate more than normal?  Is your pet increasingly lethargic or losing weight, despite a healthy appetite?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then it may be suffering from diabetes mellitus or...


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