Complete medical care for your pets in the area between Derby and Nottingham

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Professional diagnosis and treatments from a caring veterinarian

With over 40 years of experience, M A Aldridge Ltd is a premier veterinary provider. Established as a one-man practice in 1980, we are a family veterinary practice run by Dr Mike Aldridge, a highly reputed veterinary physician in Derbyshire.

Complete care to keep your pets bright and healthy
  • M A Aldridge Ltd offers an extensive range of veterinary services including:
  • General health checks and routine vaccinations
  • Neutering and microchipping procedures
  • Worming and flea treatments
  • Full medical care including dental care and surgical procedures
  • Puppy and kitten checks
Thorough medical investigations for your pets

Our pets often fall sick unexpectedly. As intelligent as they are, they can’t tell us how they are feeling. If owners do not notice the signs in time, their pets might get worse. Trust the veterinary professional at M A Aldridge Ltd to investigate the problem, diagnose and treat them.

M A Aldridge Ltd offers a wide range of veterinary diagnostic services. From thorough consultations to detailed medical investigations including blood tests, you can trust us to diagnose the illness and get your pet in perfect health.

M A Aldridge Ltd offers an extensive range of veterinary services including:
  • Dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals
  • Puppy and kitten checks
  • Worming and flea treatments
  • Routine vaccinations
  • General health checks, help and advice
  • Neutering
  • Microchipping, claw clipping
  • Blood tests
  • Full medical care including dental care and ultrasonic cleaning.
  • A range of surgical procedures
  • Any non-stock drugs obtained within 24 hours

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